Meet the Team


Brinn Strange started AUXO Fitness in May 2015, and it has been her absolute joy to bring Barre to Gainesville, Florida and beyond through in-studio, virtual, and on demand class options. She leads classes that are fun and accessible for all fitness levels that incorporate mindfulness, breath work, and relaxation in addition to more traditional exercises. When not teaching classes, she is typically chasing after her 6-year old son, snuggling with her 3-year old daughter, or cozying up with a big mug of coffee and a good book by herself.


Amy became a part of AUXO Fitness in 2016, and in 2020 she joined forces with Brinn as an instructor and co-owner.  She also manages Empowered Studio in Gainesville, FL. Amy is a certified barre instructor who enjoys creating fun and challenging but accessible barre classes and is passionate about sharing this low-impact, muscle toning, lifelong fitness format with clients.  She believes in creating a positive, supportive class community, empowering all to ‘embrace the shake’ and continue to grow in strength and wellness. Amy is passionate about family, music, and travel, and when not at the barre she can be found running after her 3-year old and 6-year old sons, camping, SCUBA diving, rock climbing, or crafting.

AUXO's Roots


The Amy and Brinn story: These Barre Bosses first met in a Gainesville,FL where Brinn (7 months pregnant at the time) attempted to kick Amy’s butt (it was Amy’s first fitness workout postpartum). They quickly bonded over the joys (and challenges) of motherhood, the fun (and frustrations) of owning a Barre studio, and while taking trainings and attending retreats to become better Barre instructors, they also forged a friendship stronger than the muscles they were helping to sculpt.  
When the pandemic hit in early 2020, they worked together to pivot their business online through livestream classes and virtual options. When Brinn’s family decided to move to Washington in mid 2021, the two fully transitioned to a virtual studio where they now offer YOU an extensive On Demand library, livestream classes, pop ups, and more.  They are so excited for you to join the AUXOC2C Crew. See you at the Barre!