At-Home Avocado Toast

November 21, 2021

Making avocado toast at home is way easier than you might think! Check out our top tips, here.

For years, I’ve put Avocado Toast on a pedestal. I thought it was only something you could order and high-end (or hipster) restaurants but not anything I could ever tackle at home. Today, I am proud to say that I have now successfully made Avocado Toast at home, and it was WAY easier than expected and just as good as I wanted it be. Hooray!

The ingredients are simple and, with a little patience, the prep is, too. 

First, gather your ingredients: 

-Your favorite whole wheat bread (we love Ezekiel or Dave’s). 

-Fresh avocados that are easy to mash, or your favorite spreadable option (we love Good Foods 16-pack). 

-1-2 chilled eggs

-Everything but the bagel seasoning (there are some good knock-offs out there, but we try to stay true to the OG from Trader Joe’s). 

-Sriracha (optional)

Next, get your water boiling. Find a small pot and fill it with enough water to fully submerge one to two eggs (pick based on protein needs or hunger level). Then, toast your bread and spread a generous layer of mashed avocado on it. Season lightly (or heavily depending on your preference) with the seasoning. Once your water is boiling, use a spoon to gently lower the egg(s) into the water. Set your timer for 6-minutes and let the magic happen. Once (softly) cooked, carefully place the egg in a bowl of ice water for 3-minutes. 

Ever-so-gently, peel your egg, and cut it into fourths (or so) onto your pre-made toast. Finally, top with a light drizzle of sriracha. Feel free to jazz it up with anything else you have in your kitchen (microgreens, pickled onions, candied bacon, oh my!). 

Pairs perfectly with a bowl of grapefruit and a big mug of coffee:) 

Tackling this toast was an example of putting off learning to do something because I thought it would be too hard. In actuality, when I committed to doing a little research (I searched YouTube™ for how to make a soft-boiled egg), it wasn’t bad at all. Now what should I tackle next? I’m thinking French braiding Livia’s hair?

What’s one intimidating skill that you’ve been putting off tackling? Our advice … go for it!