DIY Terrariums

September 12, 2021

Adding a little life (literally) to your at-home office or workspace can create a sense of calm and make you smile every time you check on the growth of your plant.

Recently we had the pleasure of creating our own terrariums, and we are super proud of our creations that turned out so special and fun, despite our black thumbs. 

Terrariums are terrific because you can use very low-maintenance plants, such as succulents and moss, that--despite requiring little water and almost no sunlight--still radiate warm vibes all over our rooms! 

Roots plant shop in Gainesville made creating an uber unique terrarium especially easy because their DYI Terrarium Bar boasts: all of the dirt, rocks, and “extras” you could possibly want to include! We both chose geometric glass shapes with gold lining as vessels and went to town adding our own special touches: beach sand, a succulent and a seashell captured Amy’s ocean aesthetic, and a larger rock, moss, and a deer brought Brinn’s love of the mountains to life. 

Whether with a buddy or on your own, we encourage you to add a little greenery to your space with terrariums! 

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